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Curried Jackfruit Pot Pies 0

Curried Jackfruit Pot Pies

Curried jackfruit pot pies This is the season when tender jackfruits are pickled and made into curries. Despite an abundance of the fruit here in our region I haven’t really explored enough possibilities with...

Chicken & Baby Corn Pot Pies 0

Chicken & Baby Corn Pot Pies

I started making pot pies fairly recently and I love them! For years I had this thing about pastry. I always felt that it was time-consuming. But thank goodness all that has changed. Partly...

Chicken Pot Pies 0

Chicken Pot Pies

We settled for pot pies today, with a filling of creamy, cheesy chicken, carrot, and potato bits. After the first forkful I kept asking myself why I hadn’t cooked this before! Although I do...