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Mango Shrikhand 0

Mango Shrikhand

With mangoes in season, the heat and the humidity is momentarily forgiven!  I have been incorporating a lot of this ‘King of Fruits’ in my desserts. The most recent one was in shrikhand. This...

Za’atar Encrusted Fish With Mango Salsa 0

Za’atar Encrusted Fish With Mango Salsa

I haven’t really gone into Middle  Eastern cooking apart from the occasional couscous and labneh but I had always been meaning to.:) My last haul from Delhi included za’atar and sumac packets. The temptation...

A Simple Mango Dessert 0

A Simple Mango Dessert

Sweet fruits with cream make the easiest desserts. Not only are they delicious but they are not loaded with extra sugar. In fact I did not use any sugar in these glasses. And it’s...