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Banoffee Pie Again! 0

Banoffee Pie Again!

A slice of banoffee pie Because I had blogged about banoffee pies in December, it just seems so soon to write on the same recipe. But with my younger son home (he divides his...

Mini Banoffee Pies 0

Mini Banoffee Pies

With a tin of condensed milk in my pantry and the thought of a delicious muffin drizzled with dulce de leche, I had to do something about it. But in the process of creating...

Bread Dessert 0

Bread Dessert

This post has been inspired by watching David Rocco’s Dolce India on Fox Traveller.In one episode he makes dessert with bread, mascarpone, nutella, and sliced bananas. The method is the same as for French...