A Marvel of A Bread!

There are some food images that haunt you till the food spirits coax you to not waste precious days or weeks in replicating it. Or in trying to replicate it. This happened to me recently after seeing Gloria’s post on her blog Pepper Chilli And Vanilla about a chocolate marble bread. And although bread isn’t something that I bake often I loved it so much that I have already made it four times. I won’t be including the recipe here as I followed Gloria’s and the link is given…

The different stages of making a chocolate marble bread

The first time I made it I thought I’d braid it with four strips. I thought I could do it then realized that braiding hair is easier. So the whole dough was kneaded back again and turned into a very pale kind of brown-coloured bread! The second time I put in a bit too much cocoa. There was just a bit left in the tin so I used it all up! Hmm, doesn’t look all that good on bread. The third one (shown in the collage above) was photographed in stages but without slicing as I sent it to my nephew.

The fourth time I divided each of the three strips in the middle and twisted them. The result was rather clumsy but I’m glad I tried. The original is indeed the best. I don’t think I’ll be baking this for a while. But if I do, it’ll be with three strips, as in the recipe that captivated me… 
Bread-baking isn’t my forte but with all the experiments in my kitchen, it may take a while but I think I’ll get there.:)

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