Judima, the Dimasa Rice Wine

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4 Responses

  1. Mark Willis says:

    Well, that is absolutely fascinating! I love this blogging hobby. You get to "meet" lots of interesting people from all over the world, and read about their culture and traditions – often so different from one's own. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hello Kanak, you gave me a surprise. Nevertheless, it is always wonderful to hear from you. You always have new things to present. This time, I am so amazed by your knowledge in making this judima dimasa rice wine. I have never attempt to make it before. Enjoy the wine 😀

  3. NatureStop says:

    Hey Kanak…WOW!!!A new blog and that too a food one…Am I glad!!!!I can get a lot of great recipes now…how have you been? It's a been a long time indeed.I have been lazy again so very less blogging…ha ha ha

  4. jsb says:

    Wonderful post, Kanak. I loved the painstaking description of the process. Look forward to learning more from your blog about Assamese cuisine and getting recipes of unusual dishes – for us, that is

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